Survey & Mapping Made Easy

Now you can now get access to survey and mapping imagery products anywhere in Canada without having to leave your office.

The RPN provides the pilots and technology you need to capture aerial imagery at each stage of your project so you don’t have to. 

The end result? 

You get the data you need with less friction, less time, and at lower costs.

Let the RPN Do the Heavy Lifting for You

Let the RPN solve the problem of pilot training, Transport Canada compliance and flight safety so you can stay focused on your core business.

Using the RPN you can:


Acquire high resolution aerial imagery at scale without hiring pilots or owning your own drones


Develop survey grade, highly accurate, produced data products


Complete your projects in less time and lower costs. Download your data and use it in any GIS programs and applications like CAD and Pix4D


Access your raw files so you can use them however you’d like


Perform annotations and analytics on the Spexi Cloud


Download and share your data with other platforms and applications: Orthophotos, Point Clouds, Models, Contours, DEM’s and vector files generated


Replace outdated, inaccurate, technology & practices.

How It Works


Submit a

Submit your project, and a team member will reach out to confirm details


We schedule your

Our platform handles the logistics of finding the right pilots, equipment and scheduling the flights


Our pilot arrives on site to capture your data

Our technology plans the project and automates data capture


Access your data online fast!

You receive access to your data quickly after its been captured.

Highly Accurate Data. Highly Trained Pilots. All in Less Time.

Using the RPN you can complete projects in record time, with increased safety and full control. 


Ground Control Points and RTK options available


Save time by collecting imagery with pilots that are already trained and close to job sites


Software and mission planning specifically for your project

Give Stakeholders What They Need in Near Real Time

Access Our Pilot Network, Nationwide


Qualified, trained, and pre-vetted pilots so you only deal with experts.


Nationwide network so you can capture data anywhere.


Pilots bring their own equipment to your sites so there’s no need for you to manage or invest in equipment.

Ready to start getting aerial imagery on demand?

By leveraging our network of pilots and drones, our system can produce high quality data fast!.