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The RPN can produce aerial data for any level of integration or operation.  Whether you want to ingest & process the raw photos yourself, or take advantage of our data processing engine, our aerial data can produce actionable insights in a variety of formats.  

Let the RPN help you scale out your aerial data collection efforts.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that wasn’t answered here?  Feel free to reach out anytime by filling in the above form.

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Do you offer volume pricing?

Yes!  Our discount structure is designed to encourage batch purchasing of flights.

Do you offer monthly subscription pricing?

Yes!  Depending on which industry your imagery is for, it can make more sense to pay monthly for recurring and scheduled drone flights of your projects.

Are pilots safe and certified?

We have vetted all pilots who fly for the RPN.  They all have received Advanced level certification with Transport Canada, and most of them are past Coastal Drone students.  
We adhere to the highest levels of aviation standards and safety, so you can rest assured your project will be flown successfully.

Do RPN pilots have insurance?

All pilots who fly for the RPN are insured.  When you submit your project, we will ensure the pilots matched to your project have the correct level on insurance.

Can the imagery and data products be downloaded?

All of the raw imagery can be downloaded from the cloud if the customer would like to process it on their own.  All of the other data products like othromosaic’s, point clouds, and 3D models can also be downloaded directly from the Spexi cloud.

All data can be shared with stakeholders using a proprietary weblink that comes standard with all projects.