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Aerial Imagery for Every Listing


Everyone wants the birds eye view of their prospective house or commercial building.  Get the best quality aerial imagery and 3D models added to every listing you have.  


Want to stand out from the crowd?  Adding aerial imagery to any listing is a sure way to set your listing up for success.  …….


  • Take on more paid projects and earn revenue with your drone
  • Gain real-world remote flying experience
  • Learn new skills with our mapping software and online courses
  • Show up, fly, and get paid
  • Leave the sales and marketing to us!


Selling commercial real estate can be challenging without the ability to fully visualize the large properties and their attributes.  Aerial perspective can be the deciding factor for clients that want to see the big picture.  

The ability to produce centimeter level accurate measurements is another key benefit to using drone data in the sales process.  No more guessing on square feet and area, just use the convenient tools provided to instantly get accurate results.


  • Get quality survey-grade aerial imagery and data at the press of a button
  • Immediate access to your data once processed and uploaded (often within 30 minutes of job completion)
  • Leave the flying to us!  No worrying about pilot training, certifications, insurance, or aviation regulations
  • Get access to your imagery and data in a variety of formats, ready to be consumed by your teams

In partnership with Spexi Geo, the Remote Pilot Network makes data acquisition more accessible and streamlined than ever before.

Using Spexi technology, the RPN allows for complete automation and fast delivery of survey grade and high resolution aerial data products.

I have recently completed several missions for the Remote Pilot Network in Alberta.  The team is professional and trustworthy, and I didn’t have to chase down the work myself!  I can’t wait to accept more paid missions.

Matt Wolfe

RPAS Pilot in Command, RPN


What type of drone do I need to qualify for the RPN?

We accept all types of drones! However, machines with higher imagery resolutions deliver better data, so having a better machine will increase your RPN rating. Aircraft certification for Advanced operations will also be preferred, like the DJI M2 Pro, Phantom 4 Pro V2, and the Matrice series.

Do I need an Advanced Pilot Certificate to qualify?

Yes, at this time, we are only accepting Advanced Certified RPAS pilots. Having an Advanced Pilot certificate gives a pilot much more freedom to operate in various missions and scenarios that will occur on the RPN.

What type of projects are best suited for the RPN?

Our mission is to provide reliable and accurate aerial imagery at scale.  We are able to provide our clients with lightly processed imagery which they can then download into their GIS or processing system.

Some clients prefer more processed products which we can provide upon request.

How quickly will the pilots fly a project?

We are aiming for an 72hrs turn-around (weather dependant).  Our system is able to task pilots as soon as a project has been approved.  

Do I need insurance to fly for the RPN?


Where are most of the projects located?

So far, the most demand has been in Ontario, Quebec, BC, and Alberta.  However, we anticipate projects being posted all over Canada as we ramp up the program!

We are looking for pilots all over Canada.

Acquiring aerial imagery at scale has been a bottleneck of our business for some time. The Coastal Drone RPN is a game-changer. When our clients request a drone flight or imagery, we now have a solution. We are excited to see how this will influence the Canadian drone industry’s growth as a whole!

Kabir Shaal

Drone Software Canada