Real Estate

Aerial Photos & Videos for Real Estate Listings Made Easy

The RPN provides the pilots and technology you need to capture perfect aerial images, videos, and 3D models of your listings so you can spend more time on what you do best. 

The end result? 

You get the images and videos you need with less friction, less time, and at lower costs.

Let the RPN Do the Heavy Lifting for You

Let the RPN solve the problem of pilot training, Transport Canada compliance and flight safety so you can stay focused on your core business.

Using the RPN you can:


Put drones to work nationwide quicker and easier than ever before


Acquire aerial data without hiring pilots or owning your own drones


Produce interactive and captivating neighbourhood panoramas and real-world 3D models of your listings


Get your listings up in less time with lower costs

How It Works


Submit a

Submit your project, and a team member will reach out to confirm details


We schedule your

Our platform handles the logistics of finding the right pilots, equipment and scheduling the flights


Our pilot arrives on site to capture your data

Our technology plans the project and automates data capture


Access your data online within fast!

You receive access to your data quickly after it’s been captured

Perfect Aerial Photos and Videos That Will Make Your Listings Pop

It’s hard to satisfy both buyers and sellers. 

Sellers want their property to look its best from all angles and buyers want to be able to examine a property from new perspectives  online before they’ll consider a purchase. 

The RPN makes it easy for you to keep both sides happy by giving you a turn-key way to get the aerial imagery you need, fast.

Realtors: Shoot One or Multiple Listings, as Often as You Need

Brokers: Access Our Pilot Network, Nationwide


Qualified, trained, and pre-vetted pilots so you only deal with experts.


Nationwide network so you can capture data anywhere.


Pilots bring their own equipment to your sites so there’s no need for you to manage or invest in equipment.


Drone flights are quick and don’t require property owners or realtors to be present.

Ready to start getting aerial imagery on demand?

By leveraging our network of pilots and drones, our system can produce high quality data fast!.