Project Pricing.

Your project (or group of projects) will be priced based on a variety of factors such as location, drone required, and area to be flown.  

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One of the RPN team members will reach out to get more information and provide a free quote.

Price is based on:


Project volume


Imagery quality & resolution


Required aircraft type


Project size (acres)


Safety considerations


Proximity to major centres

Project Volume

Ready to scale.  We have designed a discount structure to encourage bulk flight purchases through the RPN. 

We also have monthly flight plan subscriptions If you have multiple projects that require regular flights.

Area Size

All mapping projects are measured in acres flown.  This metric can influence project price as more imagery is acquired and processed, and flight time goes up for pilots.

Safety Considerations

Will the pilot require safety training to get on your site?  If so this can influence the price as our pilots will require specific extra training for your project.

Proximity To Major Centres

Pilots are required to keep the drone they operate in sight.  This means pilots will have to travel to your project location.

If your project is closer to a major centre, chances are a pilot will have to travel less which can keep costs down.  If your project is in a remote area, not to worry!  We have pilots all across Canada ready to fly.

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