Our Pilots

Trusted, Vetted, Certified

You can rest assured that pilots who fly for the RPN have the experience and certifications needed to get the job done.

Top Notch Expertise

RPN pilots have been carefully vetted and selected from hundreds of applicants based on experience, level of certification, location, and aircraft type.  All have Advanced Pilot Certifications issued by Transport Canada. 

Some RPN pilots are even Flight Reviewer Rated meaning they have been certified to test on behalf of Transport Canada.

We select pilots based on

Flight experience

Level of certification

Drones in their fleet


Approved Pilot Network

Extensive Trans-Canada Network of Remote Pilots

Want to become a pilot?

We are always looking for experience and professional pilots to join the RPN!  Submit your application and we will be in touch.

We do not guarantee acceptance, but we will certainly tell you what you can do to make yourself more attractive.

Ready to start getting aerial imagery on demand?

By leveraging our network of pilots and drones, our system can produce high quality data fast!.