Our Story

We are on a mission to make capturing aerial data accessible to everyone.

Born out of demand from our clients, we are grateful to have the opportunity to support the industry by connecting drone pilots to as many companies and clients as possible.

The problem:

At Coastal Drone, we have trained thousands of drone pilots from coast to coast.  While also helping companies of all sizes start, grow, and scale drone programs, we noticed a common problem on both sides of the fence:

Drone pilots often have a hard time finding work with more than a handful of clients.

Companies often have a hard time growing their drone programs and filling their client’s demands for aerial imagery in varied geographies.  We were getting asked all the time: “do you know a good drone pilot in this city or that region?”

Standards are few and far between.  As the drone market grows at record pace, there is a lack of standards for pilots and companies to reference when evaluating opportunities. 

The solution:

Coastal Drone and Spexi Geospatial have teamed up to deliver a vertically integrated aerial imagery processing machine.  By leveraging Coastal Drone’s network of certified professional pilots and Spexi Geospatial’s proprietary software platform, the RPN can deliver value to pilots and companies all across Canada.

Drone pilots can now access more paid projects without having to worry about sales & marketing.

Companies can now get access to aerial imagery without worrying about training pilots, hiring good contractors, or scaling their drone program.

Standards can become more attainable as pilots can fly and collect imagery using the same software and aircraft creating a standardized data product for the customer.

Welcome to the RPN, where you can trust that professional pilots will collect high-quality aerial imagery at scale.

Using the RPN you can:


Put drones to work nationwide quicker and easier than ever before


Acquire aerial data without hiring pilots or owning your own drones


Complete your projects in less time and lower costs.


Get more accurate, all encompassing data.


Improve safety.


Make better decisions.


Replace outdated, inaccurate, technology & practices.


Hiring professional and trustworthy drone pilots is tough!  Do they have the right pilot certification, aircraft type, insurance, or experience for your project?  Are they located nearby and willing travel?

If you are a company that trains your own pilots, there can be other challenges like allotting time for your employees to get certified, finding the right aircraft for your operation, navigating the regulations set out by bodies such as Transport Canada, and filling demand in multiple areas of operations.

Coastal Drone and Spexi Geospatial have teamed to provide a unique service in Canada.  Using Coastal Drone’s vast network of over 10,000 trained drone pilots and Spexi’s proprietary mission planning & data capture software, we have formed what is now known as the Remote Pilot Network (RPN).

Our mission is simple: Make aerial imagery accessible to companies while pushing as many paid projects to drone pilots as possible.



Give Stakeholders What They Need in Near Real Time

Access Our Pilot Network, Nationwide


Qualified, trained, and pre-vetted pilots so you only deal with experts.


Nationwide network so you can capture data anywhere.


Pilots bring their own equipment to your sites so there’s no need for you to manage or invest in equipment.

How It Works


Submit a

Submit your project, and a team member will reach out to confirm details


We schedule your

Our platform handles the logistics of finding the right pilots, equipment and scheduling the flights


Our pilot arrives on site to capture your data

Our technology plans the project and automates data capture


Access your data online within minutes

You receive access to your data minutes after it’s been captured

Ready to start getting aerial imagery on demand?

By leveraging our network of pilots and drones, our system can produce high quality data fast!.