We Fly Drones So You Don’t Have To.

Anywhere, anytime, our drone pilot platform can produce quality on-demand aerial imagery.

Our pilots are standing by to fly your next project from coast to coast.

The RPN is a Complete
End-to-End Solution

It’s hard to find qualified drone pilots. But that’s only half the battle. Managing pilots, equipment, projects and data is a costly and time consuming logistical nightmare – especially at scale.

That’s why we launched the RPN: to enable you to get the aerial data you need with less headaches and cost.

Use our network of certified pilots to fly and collect aerial imagery for your operation – from coast to coast.

How It Works


Submit a

Submit your project, and a team member will reach out to confirm details


We schedule your

Our platform handles the logistics of finding the right pilots, equipment and scheduling the flights


Our pilot arrives on site to capture your data

Our technology plans the project and automates data capture


Access your data online fast!

You receive access to your data quickly after it’s been captured

Real Estate

Getting aerial imagery of your new listing will set you apart from the competition.  Our drone pilots can collect data and imagery in any Canadian city within days of project submission.


Highly Accurate Data for Each Stage of Your Project

Now you can visually document your entire project from start to finish and make more informed decisions while completing projects in less time at less cost. 


  • Pre-Construction and pre-load monitoring
  • Construction
  • Post-Construction


Now you can get the data you need safely, and in record time. 

Using the RPN means you can do away with risky cell tower climbs and inefficient and inaccurate ground based measurements. 

Instead, let the RPN solve the problem of pilot training, Transport Canada compliance and flight safety so you can stay focused on your core business.

Mapping & Survey

Using the RPN you can complete projects in record time, with increased safety and full control. 

We have Ground Control Points (GCP) and Real Time Kinematic (RTK) options available.

Save time by collecting imagery with pilots that are already trained and close to job sites.  All of our missions are specifically planned based on your needs.


Get The Data You Need While Going Easy on the Environment

The RPN allows you to do away with expensive helicopters, planes and foot based surveys. 

And we handle the problem of pilot training, Transport Canada compliance and flight safety so you can stay focused on your core business.

Insurance Reporting

Use the RPN to collect insights and actionable data on insurance claims and reports.  No more inspecting roofs with ladders. 

Let our software handle your inspections for you when disaster strikes and time to data means everything!

Our Pilots: Trusted,
Vetted, Certified

Our pilots check all of the boxes when it comes to completing successful missions.

Each pilot on the network:


Is Transport Canada certified


Owns their own equipment


Is vetted by our team


Is committed to delivering top tier results

Start Enjoying the Benefits of the RPN Today


Capture aerial drone data anywhere in Canada


Lower Costs, Faster Turnaround Times


Avoid Logistical Nightmares


Automated Data Capture


No hiring or training necessary


No equipment to buy or maintain


Submit one or multiple projects

Put Our Cutting Edge, Proprietary Software Platform to Work

The RPN was developed in partnership with Spexi Geo.

Using Spexi technology, the RPN allows for complete automation and fast delivery of survey grade and high resolution aerial data products.



Single projects start at just $249 with volume pricing available.

Price is based on:

The number of projects

Imagery quality & resolution


Required pilot experience


Project size (acres)

Safety considerations
Proximity to major centres

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